Wind: Vital energy

Wind energy delivers cost-effective, zero-emission energy. Because of this, wind energy use continues to grow. Over the last decade wind farms have become popular globally, providing energy to local governments, private corporations, and small businesses. In 2020, wind energy surpassed hydroelectricity as a source of power.
Large wind turbines placed side-by-side can become their own power plant, helping to serve the energy needs of many communities. Large corporations like Walmart, General Motors, and IKEA contract with wind farms to supply energy to their stores and facilities.

How it works

wind-to-energy process

Wind turbines turn mechanical movement into energy

What you need to know

wind pros & cons

  • Wind is a relatively reliable energy source, however some regions are windier than others, so those locations will benefit more than areas with less wind.
  • Installation costs are high, but over the long term wind energy becomes more cost-effective.
  • Power plants that use wind energy don’t always have a way to store it, so without  a storage solution, the energy is wasted.
  • Hydrogen can be a way to store wind (and solar) energy so it can be used at a later time when needed, rather than wasted.
Sou rce: https://www.eesi.org/topics/wind/descriptionA si ngle th ree megawatt wind tu rbine can produce enough p ower provide energy toHOMES1,500
G rowing windca pacitySou rce: https://cleanpower.org/news/awea-wind-energy-now-top-source-of-renewable-electricity/In 2019, a record winde nergy capacity of 100gig awatts was generatedby 60,000 turbinesacross41 states.100 GIGAWATTS
Accordingto the AmericanWind EnergyAssociation,t he top five states with themost wind capacity in2019wereTexas, Iowa, Oklahoma,California andKansas.Texas leadsin wi nde nergySou rce: https://www.power-technology.com/features/us-wind-energy-by-state/
millionwi nd-powered homes3 2Wind generated powerto approximately32 millionhomes in theU.S. in2019, whichaccountedfor7.2%of t he nations electricity.Sou rce: https://cleanpower.org/news/awea-wind-energy-now-top-source-of-renewable-electricity/


Some wind energy cynics point to the impact of wind turbines on wildlife, most notably the bird population. It’s true that wind turbines kill 328,00 birds a year. However, that’s a tiny number compared to the 38 million killed from power lines and the whopping 599 million bird fatalities from collisions with buildings or permanent structures.

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